Some inexpensive carpet products can be easy to soil and difficult to clean. Those suffering from allergies and asthma often avoid carpet entirely due to misconceptions about allergies.
Effervescent is a new carpet line in the Clean Home collection that is taking the lead in setting the record straight. Not only is it easy to clean, it also helps keep itself clean. We’ll briefly explore its benefits here.

Microban® Antimicrobial Technology

Microban® is a special antimicrobial treatment. This is not to be confused with antibacterial, which means it just protects against bacteria and viruses. Microban® creates a hostile environment for all microorganisms, including mold and mildew. So, Microban® carpet helps maintain a germ-free environment between cleanings. Fewer microbes also means less product deterioration over time.

Odor Reduction

Another benefit of Microban®: less odors. If you’ve ever smelled an odor that didn’t seem to have a source, it’s often coming from the floors. This is especially true for older carpet lines, in which spills and dander could become embedded. If enough dirt and moisture became embedded under the carpet, it would promote the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. These, in turn, produce odors that seem to be without a source.

Since Microban®creates a hostile environment for micro-organisms, it’s more difficult for these to spread to begin with.

ComfortSoft SD

Effervescent incorporates ComfortSoft SD to improve both style and comfort. It is made of polyester, a soft fiber that helps improve r-value (the measure of a room’s insulation). It features a suede-like texture and a plush, soft feel.

Solution Dyed or “SD” is a manufacturing process that melts the polymer chips used to create the carpet, then vibrant color dyes are blended into the liquid polymer solution. In other words, the color is actually infused into the fabric itself, rather than surrounding the outside. This means that Effervescent (and other SD carpets) will maintain its color even after wearing. Not that you really have to worry about it wearing, as Microban® can also help protect the carpet from deterioration.

Style and Colors

Effervescent is one of the most beautiful carpet selections in our Clean Home destination. Its textured shapes beautifully reflect the popular pattern trend. These patterns are available in a varied mixture of grays and browns mixed with black and white. These hues are designed to match a variety of interior design configurations.

Lifetime Warranties

As a testament to its stain, microbial and wearing resistance, Effervescent includes the following lifetime warranties:

  • Abrasive Wear Warranty
  • Fade Resistance Warranty
  • Limited Stain Resistance Warranty (includes resistance to pet urine stains)

Additionally, 10 year warranties cover texture retention and manufacturing defects.

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