There’s a new trend in decorating circles. Designers seem to have found a new favorite — cement encaustic tiles. However, these tiles can be quite pricey and out of the price range of many consumers. Fortunately, we have a budget-friendly solution.

First a little history of encaustic tile. Mosaic encaustic tile or cement tile has been around for centuries and used throughout the Mediterranean: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the old European colonies of northern Africa. Each tile is handcrafted using different color clays, with the same technique pioneered by the Arabs over ten centuries ago.

Our solution to this expensive, handmade encaustic tile is COLORTILE Retro Vision Flooring. It’s a luxury vinyl sheet full of classic and vintage looks, including floors with highly decorative designs. Retro Vision Flooring is a trendy, fashionable, more budget-friendly option than cement encaustic tile. Truly a floor you can build a room around.

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